PAD Challenge Day 2: Vol.1: In the Life and Times of Dr. DR

 PAD Challenge Day 2: Write a B- movie poem. 

Vo1.: In the Life and Times of Dr. DR

Tape 1

A grand opening of me

forming in the womb of my mother.

Swimming freely in a judgmental world. 

She is a life jacket, a safe home I've never

wanted to flee just to become a refugee.

Underage and underwater, 

with little sense I could sense this 

world was wicked and miserable. 

She’ll tell you that I was supposed to be born

One to two weeks before Easter Sunday– 

how I turned around three times, 

and almost took her life while 

she was preparing to give me a

beautiful one. And still today 

she’ll happily tell you that this

was the only hell and pain

I’ve ever given her.

Tape 2

I’m sharing food with a lady I’ll never have a

full conversation with outside baby coos,

stares and giggles. I wish Roxie could have

lived longer. She died when I was just one. I have

a lifetime with her jewelry box and brooches

now. There is so much I could have learned

from my great great grandmother who raised

my maternal grandmother. I wish my great

grandmother Mary could have 

lived a little longer too. For my grandmother 

Betty’s sake, and her 7 siblings, 

I just wanna know why she 

neglected her children

the way she did. 

Tape 3

I’m the life of the party. 

A sun at night. 

A natural born star during the day.

My hair is freshly braided or in ponytails,

swinging with new Goody hair bows that my

Momma let me pick out.

I’m probably wearing a dress or 

matching top and shorts or skirt in pastel or neon colors.

I’m dancing to “It Takes Two” by Rob Base

with my mom’s best friend Antoinette or

“New Kids on the Block” or Solid Gold .

Alone, I’m happy just being nerdy me,

reading The Berenstain

Bears, Babysitters Club

or Paddington Bear

while chewing Zebra Stripe gum or

Watermelon Bubblicious.

A Saturday scene would be me

playing hopscotch, hula hooping,  

selling Thin Mints or waiting for my dad to show up. 

For birthdays, I pinned the tail on the donkey

and blew wishes over Winnie the Pooh cakes.

Every summer was extra cool with grape or peach

Popsicles, penny candy, summer camps, 

Cracker Jack and me recording Foxy’s 99 

Top Summer Jams on cassette tapes 

while painting my finger and toe nails with my

bedroom window open because I love a

summer breeze like the Isley Brothers.

Tape 4

I’ll open this scene with 

a prayer of thanksgiving.

A flashback will appear to show 

my brother and father coming back 

from the store to my

father’s girlfriend's house, 

where I was saved by the 

door opening from 

becoming a victim and 

member of the 

Me Too movement.

Tape 5

It’s World War 3 between my parents.

I’m beginning to feel like everything is my

fault. I have no idea how to form a Peace

Treaty like I learned in social studies.

I just think, if I wasn’t here, 

arguments about what’s best and not best 

for me would never happen.

Here is were journals become my best friend

to my stanzas, short stories, and dreams.

And because of Marian Anderson, I

became infatuated with the violin. 

For my 9th birthday, aunt

Jean and mom purchased me one. 

I found joy in all the lessons learned and

concerts I performed. I really felt like

somebody. I felt alive again.

Tape 6

I’m standing in the middle of middle school

and I don't know what’s happening. At this

moment, I’m not sure if school is a “truth or

dare” game or a place for education? 

First, a teacher accuses me of stealing 

and I wasn’t even in the room.

Second, I get into a petty fight in orchestra.

Third, in the bathroom, 

I’m offered drugs by another student. 

I remembered D.A.R.E., so I say “no”.

In the stairwell and locker room of the gym, 

I see sex and bullying. 

In the hallways, I see two girls pregnant. 

Outside the school, on my way home I see drugs sold.

For Christmas, I got my first Precious Moment Bible.

I go to church and see the loudest Amens and Hallelujahs 

are produced by family and friends of the 

family that destroyed other households and families.

I grow quiet again so I won’t be called Miss Know It All

 just to be named Stuck Up and 

Miss Goodie Two Shoes. I’m not smiling at

much as I want to, so people think I’m angry, 

destructive or disturbed. When really I’m

confused and speechless about everything

that’s happening around me.

Tape 7

I’m in high school and all I can think about is

how high in excellence I can be while

others choose Mary Jane and ecstasy.

For every A+, there was something new that I love or 

an album on my bed or under the tree from my

mom. She knew my love for music. It was a

second lifeline between us. I didn't have many

friends but I understood what it took to be the 

best one to everybody except for myself. 

So, back to back, I kept pushing myself 

out of the shell the world pushed me in. 

I’m in every club from French, HOSA, SGA, 

Honor Society to Key Club,

in search of peers with a similar

mentality and level of intellect.

Every summer I’m at

Fayetteville State University,

learning about college and survival skills–

Trying to stay under the influence of positivity 

because I fear being under the influence 

and failing at life.

To be continued.......



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