PAD Challenge Day 20: 🐘 Elephants 🐘 in the Room

PAD Challenge Day 20: Write an animal poem.

Elephants in the Room

They are everywhere.
No mirror is required
to recognize their presence.

Ask a blind man; 
he'll reveal it to you.

Consult with a wise man; 
he'll teach you.

It is bold as the sun,
wide as the seas;
heavy like smog.
Loudly and convulsively,
on and off 
LED and LCD screens,
Cold hard truths are 
screaming #FACTS!
at the tip of our fingers 
and to our faces.

wide open 
or closed tightly,
looks deceiving 
and acts nonchalantly.

No matter how high heads, 
noses, lips and asses are.

No matter how tough our skin appears.

There is a very thick line between the Ivory and Ebony.


Circa 2011 


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