PAD Challenge Day 13: Forgiveness Is For Yourself


PAD Challenge Day 13: Write a forgive poem.

Forgiveness Is for Yourself

I was fifteen when I first heard 

my mother say these exact words, 

boldly with empathy.


I was twenty-four when I defined this sentence—

thinking it was incomplete or missing the appropriate 

adjectives, verbs, and all the nouns 

required for action because 

forgiveness was more like a precious gift to someone else.


FORGIVENESS is a full me, myself and I bundle of self-care. 


Forgiveness fertilizes the mind. 

It strengthens emotions.  

Forgiveness builds and sustains character.


Forgiveness dissolves salt from wounds 

for aloe and healing balms to layer in on broken hearts…

wait a minute, hearts never really break…

hearts are disappointed from unconditionally 

loving kin, 

loving friends, 

loving thy neighbor, 

and loving your damn self 

in a world of sin 

where flesh is easily bruised like fruit, 

bones are crushed into dust,

 and spirits are flawed. 



hearts still have rhythm and regularly beats 

for love after recovering from the hearts that are full of shit.

WE persist at becoming better while others fail and quit

WE demonstrate love when others just know how to spell it.

WE heal with you, not hurt you because we’re hurting too.

We care because we know others don’t give a damn.

We say “I forgive you” first even when we’re not at fault.




We forgive like our savior our king our yeshua

We forgive those that falsely prosecute us.

We forgive those that victimize us.

We forgive those that lie to us and lie on us.

We forgive those that cheat us and steal from us.

We forgive those that break bread and sip wine

with us just to break us and leave us thirsty.

We forgive the generational curses

tied to the roots of our family tree.

We must forgive the multiples faces of people

we’ll see and never see for the torture,

humiliation, injustice, and death of many legacies.



dirty waters and tainted blood.


We write their full names down

like a hit list for prayers because

we forgive for ourselves….


Colossians 3:13                                                                                            Romans 12:19-21





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