PAD Challenge Day 23: pHoBiA

PAD Challenge Day 23: Write a fear poem.


I fear telling you my fears.
You might laugh into tears.
Everything seems funny today.
People's pain, illness, struggles, lost, even their foul play.

I fear writing this poem. 
Fear that my pen would 
die before the words are born.
Fear I might get overwhelmed and cry 
just thinking about my fears having more life than I.

I fear sitting still or sleeping too long; 
Seems too close to comforting death.
I fear going blind; 
Limited chances to see my last dream come alive.
I fear going deaf; 
Mute to the sounds of music, ocean's waves or my own breath.

I fear growing old alone.
No holy matrimony; 
A pledge of allegiance to my soulmate. 
No extended legacies; 
Strong gemstones like an Onyx and Diamond 
running through my home 
for me to feed them 
the wisdom I'd inherited 
and the knowledge I've obtained.

I fear tomorrow if I don't attempt to do better than today.
I fear time because it's always ticking and tocking away.

I fear I may lose my memory.
I fear I may lose my heart as my prettiest accessory.

I fear to wake up and not have anymore fight left in me.

I fear I may lose my breath for being 
black, a woman, plus size, intelligent--
a quadruple threat or anything they may picture me less of.

But the greatest of all these things,
I fear God above.



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