PAD Challenge Day 16: The Poetic Memoir of a Cancer Survivor

PAD Challenge Day 16: Write a "The Blank of a Blank Poem".

The Poetic Memoir of a Cancer Survivor 

I know what it means 
to live through the 
coldest winter ever.
After hearing, "It's cancer".
My face welcomed snow.
My heart blistered through 
every beat per minute.
My soul was black ice 
in search of traction 
to pull me through 
the slips and falls in 
this season of nightmares
where I over-dreamed 
about being normal again.
But I'll never be the normal me again. 
Thanks to abnormal cells!
I know the feeling of wet pillows
I cried even harder after hearing 
someone else die from 
cancer because 
it could have been me.
I know extended showers 
so nobody could hear me cry,
personal hugs born from 
the grip of my own arms wrapped 
around me as if they were God's 
unchanging hands, mercy, and favor
Holding on to me
Squeezing life back into me
Repositioning and 
reconditioning a strong spine
for me to stand, walk, 
and run this race;
Trying to save what little 
life was left of me
on the days of silence 
when only prayers flourished 
from my lips or from my mind.
Because momma always used to say "Don't pray too loud for 
the devil to hear you."

Because who will be here 
through my sickness if they 
weren't here during my 
success and health?
Because cancer terminated the life of
my praying grandmother.
It was trying to murder my mother's joy 
as she watches it steals the joy of her
only baby girl too.
Hell, I already knew what hell on 
Earth was like before this disease. 
What's more days of hail like 
from this storm where laugther, 
shade and idiocy were thrown 
to crack the face and back of me.
When I was becoming 
the definition and example 
of "If only you really knew 
what I was going through...
When I was fitting the description 
of " God, it's good that 
I don't look like 
what I've been through".
But I've made it,
five new scars with an 
extended stay on earth.
I made it....
I survived...



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