PAD Challenge Day 4: Avid Dreamer

PAD Challenge Day 4: Two-for-Tuesday: Write a dream poem and/or reality poem. 

Avid Dreamer

If I could 

I would 

Do it all day 

and night

Dream out loud 

so the nightmares 

and dream thieves 

never intercede

I really would

Cause I really should

Because I don’t wanna

recite I shoulda coulda woulda

No matter how high 

non-living and living 

mountains try to handicap me

Or how the width and depth 

Of life’s current blues

try to suffocate me 

I’ll discover the urge 

to submerge

Become a living compass

To get missions accomplished

Head north feet south

My heart of gold sings

As my left and right arms 

Convert to east and west wings

Everyday I up

up and awake

Before sun kiss forehead

I fly for my dreams’ sake



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