PAD Challenge Day 17: Nerve-racking

PAD Challenge Day 17: Write a nervous poem.


Winston-Salem mother 
kills 3 children and self.
Morrisville husband murders wife.
Sweet sixteen, 4 killed and 32 injured.
Chicago, 35 shot 8 fatalities.
Louisville 5 dead, 8 hurt.
Louisville 2 dead 4 wounded.
Kansas City teen shot in head.
Burke County Block Party 4 injured.

Are you concerned? 
I feel like we're in The Purge.

Are you scared?
Another Violent Night.
Can't sleep like we all have PTSD.

Are you worried?
I feel like throwing a 
Party for Self Defense,
in all black.
Play click clack, 
rat-a-tat-tat, show 'em
How to tic tac toe 'em 
before they toe tag you.

Are you getting nervous?
I'm trying not to have 
a breakdown about having
to stay ready when we 
should only be staying 
ready for success, love and peace;
Preparing and humbling our souls 
for heaven, not strapping up like GIs 
just to keep our own blood warm 
by keeping heat on and under the seat, 
an AK in the trunk, 
9 in the console, 
10 in the glove compartment,
22 in the kitchen, the class, and
the government building, 
45 by the waist
and by the bed, 
AR in the garage, 
anywhere lead is 
reachable lead to protect 
you from being another 
one in the news found DEAD.



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