PAD Challenge Day 24: Touchscreen

PAD Challenge Day 24: Write a touch poem.


A distance view of you,
Your sensual finger tips 
and the erect tip of your
stylus turns me on.
Come here. 
Come near.
In skins or bare skin.
I want you in front of me.
I want you to touch me
Hold me like 
I'm your favorite touch screen. 
Your daily apple that 
keeps the doctors away. 
Come here. 
Open wide,
take as many juicy bites  
as you desire 
under this galaxy of love.
Stimulate my psychology. 
Give my physiology 
100% sheer interaction 
and satisfaction guaranteed. 
Skim my ergonomics  
while I tune into yours.
Handle me with care.
Apply your protection.
Zoom in on your favorite position.
Turn me upright or horizontal.
Caress me up then down
Back up then down again.
Talk to me with some authority 
as you give directions for us 
to stay aligned in this 
angle of geometry 
that we subconsciously 
network in.
Passionately grip my hips,
hold onto the
curvy sides of me for 
your equilibrium. 
Sustain all my inner 
and outer energy 
to retain the brightest 
lights of me. 
Cradle me until you 
gently rest beside me. 
Just don't let me down
or fall into the cracks of 
damaged goods.
Keep me in reach until 
I'm ready to make all the sounds 
you love every time you turn me 
on again and again and again. 



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