PAD Challenge Day 12: All that JAZZ

 PAD Challenge Day 12: Write a sound poem.


All that JAZZ



the only blues

I wanna hear are

the songs in the key of life.



don’t let

me say it twice.



before “I Put A Spell On You”

because I don’t wanna hear

unnecessary blues

or piss-poor news

when I have plenty of

“Songs in a Mellow Mood”.



this is my “Kind of Blue”

that I love




the ricky-rack-ratchet 

world of blues

with the same ole problems

that the absent-minded fools

fall too short or blind to solve 'em





I would rather

sit, swing or play

with blues this way;

Be a “Lady in Satin”

take “Giant Steps”

Get lost on the “A Train”

or the “Kansas City 6, 7, or 8”

with “A Love Supreme”

because these are 

“My Favorite Things”...




“Such Sweet Thunder”,

the sounds of rain,

lullabies of birds

and other things

that keep me from spiritual dilutions

whether if I’m “Leapin or Lopin”

or in slow motion

on a “Loose Walk”

trying to mute

today's locomotion




the burden of the biased,

the world series of collective -isms

that frustrate the psyche

and clog the trachea of

the “Black, Brown, and Beige”


                                                      these are my favorite blue notes




the idle talks of idle minds

his yakety-yak

her tittle-tat

their riddle and rat



all that JAZZ

that has no rhythm

or peace that

comes with these

sounds of blues.


D'Elegant One


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