PAD Challenge Day 11: Matthew 7:7

PAD Challenge Day 11: Write a prime number poem.

Matthew 7:7

Dear God,

As more wickedness arise and arise/

Please/all I ask of you is to/

keep me from wolves in sheep clothing/

false witnesses and prophets/

Do not let my spirit be masked

as a serpent to those I serve on behalf of you/

Let humanity witness 

serenity, courage, and wisdom

when they circle me/

Keep my lips an instrument

of peace and unconditional love/

Lead me where I shall go/

for all I know/

you will never forsake me Father/

For my days are numbered/

do not let me waste your

glory embedded in me/

Keep me meek in mind/

my endurance elastic through

every trial and tribulation/


As I continue to seek patience

and sympathy in your world/

keep my heart pure and true Father/

lay me beside still waters/

lift my head above trouble waters/

place me on the path that I should follow/

for I know, what you have for me is for me/

and I shall forever strengthen myself/

apply confidence and

fear no evil to knock down

anything that is not within your will/

I shall/

without hesitation/

prove that no weapon/

no obstacle will succeed me/

for I am your child/

you knew me well before

my mother and father/

and still know my worth/

for I able to breakthrough

all the grimes of this world/



Matthew 7:7: Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.



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