PAD Challenge Day 8: Your Java Fleurs

PAD Challenge Day 8: Write a metaphor poem.

Your Java Fleurs

Your pictures on the ‘gram

Tells me you don’t 

want just any aroma in your cup

or care too much about drive-thrus.

Come here, let me double espresso

how much I’d like to be your private Starbucks

Encourage euphoria as I dress up

Be your favorite caffeine

stimulating your dopamine

just to keep you up.

Make it extra dark or blonde for you

Stir my own sugar below the rim

be your crème de la crème

Tell me, how you like it,

whipped or steamed?

7 days a week?

3 times a day?

Once in a while?

Don’t worry,

I don’t want you to

lose your sense of taste or smile.

I’d like to switch it up

Be your Misto on Mondays

Mocha on Tuesdays

Hot Chocolate on Wednesdays

Cappuccino on Thursdays

Dolce Latte on Fridays

Oh la la, 

for the weekends,

I will be your Early Grey in the mornings,

Your Peach Tranquility at midday,

Your Chai at night.

And if you're on-the- go,

I’ll travel lite

for you to have it as

much as you like.




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