PAD Challenge Day 26: As the World Turns

PAD Challenge Day 26: Write a "Blank" world poem.

As the World Turns

Look at us,
Spinning and spinning,
On this merry-go-round of life.
Is it too good that we
can put our hands up
without free falling
and getting bruised?
Or is it too bad that we 
can't feel the vibrations?
We're only in control of our lives-
well, of what little we can control.
No hands. No grips on this gravity.
Gravity is on it's own-
holding us down
more than the brothers
and sisters next to us.
Should we be surprised?
About how abomination
turning parallel with us?
Even the seasons
are not fair in their
periods of time.
I'm surprised God
hasn't turned Earth
upside down yet for
at least 7 days straight
for us to get it straight
in another new space.
I'm surprised the continents
are not in flames
instigating pure hell
in memory of evil.
I'm surprised the oceans
haven't drowned us with
their blues or made us choke,
possibly overfill our ungrateful
lungs on behalf of every forgiven
breath that we took for granted.
I'm surprise the sun haven't sat
awhile, just to break daily bread
then deny us light three times a day.
I'm surprised the moon
still show up and glow out.
And God forbid, if the stars go
shooting and falling every night,
they'll become too scared
to share their light too.



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