PAD Challenge Day 15: Planeteer

PAD Challenge Day 15: Write a metaphor poem.


I am Earth=
Round, full, and hot to the core
I gravitate all day every day
I kiss the sun in the morning
Make love to the moon at night
I got atmosphere in all my hemispheres
I got soul in my soil
I got chemistry with physics and biology. 
I can cry blues until my skies’ clouds fade
dance evergreen all year long without
a witness to my rotational escapades

I am Fire=
The most flammable flame of all flames
I can light up your life and leave a glow
Transmit heat to warm your soul
Ignite your life
Have you lively in love with your imagination
Stir up passion elegantly
Eliminate dullness with my brilliance
transpire ample love as my remembrance

I am Wind=
The coolest breeze
I can whisper to your soul
Knock you down on both knees
Uplift you and loan directions
Spare you common scents
Loosen your apparel between whirlwind
Just to run wild against
your bare skin

I am Water =
Clear to replenish
Rejuvenate and resuscitate
Dissolute solute for solutions
I got flows and ripples
I can sing pitter platter
then splatter
Beyond surface tension
I can electrolyte powers
I can welcome seeds
to flourish flowers

I am Heart =
I skip beats but never break
I party with your plasma as it circulates
unconditional love
I can open then close,
Lock up immediately without a key
depending on where I’m expose
and how I’ve been disposed
until the last rhythm and blues of thee. 



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