PAD Challenge Day 26: My Blood

PAD Challenge Day 26: Write a relationship poem.

My Blood

I want my blood to stay thick
Thick like the cotton king and gin of the south
Thick like poetry slammed out of a poet’s mouth
Thick like the cruel oil that fueled
the Atlantic Slave Trade of my ancestors
Thick like the black lives matter protesters
Thick like constitutions,
fighting between black lines 
for liberty and justice for us
Thick like asphalts,
Blueprinted for all black everything to occur
where no one can’t walk over us or we feel ignored
Thick like cement shoes,
But our feet ain’t the ones glued
Thick like 8mm tire thread,
rolling deep to lift one up
drop another off to reap 
Thick like curry oxtails in Caribbean stew
Thick like black legacies saving the souls of HBCUs
Thick like summer block parties lit
by Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick
Thick like Nina Simone's
greatest hits
Thick like Nana’s neckbones saturating
loose leaves of collards greens
Thick like melanin girls with
Botswana hips and non-collagen lips
Thick like 4 c hair
Thick like a praying grandma’s prayer
Thick like thieves but we ain’t
stealing or mimicking anything
just thickening our knowledge to
reinvent the wheel for team black
thick like sharpies, permanently
marking black tallies to win
without water smearing 
or wiping us out.

D'Elegant One 


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