PAD Challenge Day 27: He Said, She Said

PAD Challenge Day 27: Write a story poem.

He Said, She Said
He said when I’m not there,
his king sheets become ice cold
he feels black and blue all through his soul
his plate of insecurities eats him up, day and night
his temporary desires drinks him out of his pockets
He said ever since I cut him off
his common sense ain’t been right
he said sorry to press you only when
I’m sick and distressed
I know I’m a man in some ugly-pretty mess
I know we both want soulmates like
Nicholas Sparks’ Notebook
and Brown Sugar’s Sidney and Dre
I know we shared our pain
I know we shared our dreams
I know we shared Friday nights lights
and Saturday mornings like it was the end of our time
I know I’m still defining the man in me.
I know your still trying to trust and unravel your heart
again, after he broke it without reasons.
He said I know- I know,
I only call and text at my leisure
Invite you to dine, sip wine,
And share my music with me,
listen to your poetry, then I disappear
he said I know my heart is on freeze
like sub-zero’s ice scepter hit it
and I know, you’re not the type of
woman to just hit and quit it
that’s why I never kissed you
or made love to you
because I don’t know how
to make love no more
ever since she said,
Sorry, I choose him.

D'Elegant One


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