PAD Challenge Day 16: Soul Mating

PAD Challenge Day 16: Write a favorite poem.

Soul Mating

I want to lay heart to heart with you
Listen like no other woman has
Learn your favorites,
pet peeves and past
Synchronize my soul with your soul
Share harmonies, poetry, and tempos
Breakdown walls and obstacles
Count stars, pillow talk until we fall asleep
Attend to your emotions,
Be your rock when you’re weak
Cry, fall and rise with you
Wake up, share morning kisses and backrubs
Dance circles around an island kitchen
and cook gourmet with you
Sleep in, ignore calls,
cancel meeting just to drown
in satin sheets with you
Play board games, kick back,
suck on buffalo wings and
yell through sports with you
Roam foreign lands,
Sip fine wine, dutty wine
at concerts with you
Exchange vows,
raise a tribe, and
serve for the people with you
Monopolize, stock up,
Impart on philosophy,
and kill curiosity with you
Pretend to be mad,
make goofy faces,
kiss up, laugh again
into another
lifetime with you.

D'Elegant One


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