PAD Challenge Day 20: Prepare to Hand Out May Flowers

PAD Challenge Day 20: Take a line from an earlier poem (preferably from this month), to begin your poem for today.
Prepare to Hand Out May Flowers

Prepare to hand out May flowers.
Hurry, hurry up Roses, Tulips,
Dandelions and Steel magnolias.
Come confidently proud,
in memory of your first
sweet baby breathes
in blue or pink-
celebrate the queendom
that birthed you.
Mother’s Day is on the way
we need not delay, then again,
mothers are mothers everyday
to those living, decreased,
stillborn, and miscarried.
So, April cry,
cry, cry baby for
all of her joy and pain
through morning sickness,
swollen ankles and veins,
twist and turns,
excessive weight gain,
itching and back burns,
hot flashes and alopecia.
Come on April, cry,
cry, cry baby,
pay her garden womb with
love for the bloodline,
the chemistry to breathe,
the natural minerals
and nutrition to fed
her offsprings.
Time is now April
gone and cry,
cry baby cry for:
The single mom
The wedlock mom
The widow mom
The guardian mom
The stage mom
The old country mom
The mean ass mom
The sick and distressed mom
The clueless mom
The cool mom
The depressed mom
The abused mom
The addiction mom
The happily go lucky mom
The best friend mom
The “it’s all about me” mom
The perfectionist mom
The unpredictable mom
The Zen mom
The free-range mom
The jobless mom
The hustling mom
The career mom
The “I’ll be right back
but never come back” mom
The “I’ll have to hold
off my career for you” mom
Because none of them
ever stop feeding us,
hugging and kissing us,
cleaning up behind us,
praying with and for us,
teaching and training us
to how to flower ourselves
while doing the most shit
while putting up with the
most shit until they pass
just to live eternally
within us.


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