PAD Challenge Day 14: Tarheel State of Mind

PAD Challenge Day 14: Pick a state (or province, territory, etc.), make it the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.

Tarheel State of Mind

Dear Old North State,
“Esse, quam videri”.
I will forever be a cardinal
soul in between your
dogwoods and Carolina lilies.
I prefer only your Blue Ridge mountains
to stop me from parting ways with you.
I will forever forgive your Outer Banks
for wooing me every time
I set footprints on your coastline.
Because what other state
has the legendary Battle of the Blues
And eleven of the finest HBCUs?
Excuse me, I don’t mean to brag
but, what other base is
army stronger than Fort Bragg?
Home of beautiful, sweet southern belles
That can cook like or better than LaBelle;
Have the largest Native American Tribes
And countless cities where agriculture
and manufacturing production thrives;
Has exquisite music, art,
and cultural festival scenes
that are sweet and delicious as Krispy Kreme;
Has occasional summers hot as Texas Pete;
Various styles of BBQ mesquite;
what other state could possibly beat,
home of the First in Flight
where Southerners are beyond polite?


Kitty Hawk, NC


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