PAD Challenge Day 4: W.A.K

PAD Challenge Day 4:
Pick a painter, make him or her the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.

W.A.K (Kevin A. Williams)

chi-town’s masterpiece
a canvas king
ruler of a palette throne
brushes resembling royal scepters
that gift poetry and “Sax Appeal” to the
“Beautiful Soul” representing “The Blackness”  

he delivers us Wisdom And Knowledge
after every finishing touch

he showcases us as “African Lillies”
with “Sunflower Dreams”

he reminds us of “The Right” to vote,
and that the “Revolution” will never be
televised after “The Worst Sight”
America sketched and painted for us

he demonstrates that “Love Will Come”
and that “Behind Every Great Man” is
the “Power of Woman”

he expresses how we should be
“Basking N The Glow” “As One”
 “Lock and Key” for “The Future”


Artwork "Power of Woman"


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