PAD Challenge Day 22: To Whom It May Concern

PAD Challenge Day 22: Write a correspondence poem.

To Whom It May Concern

To you dearly,
from me sincerely,
this maybe a blind copy
and a carbon copy.
One will see it all.
Others won’t see
what one does.

Either way,
one of us got receipts for
this open letter of validity.
Hopefully. One day.
We will all get the message.
We will feel the vibe.
We will see the change.
It will be easy for some.
It will be harder for others.
And if we you don’t have it;
you’ll get it sooner or later.

Just know,
we all must know and
pay attention to ATTN
and the subject line.
There will come a time
when we will get it from
someone else first or
be shut out by the rest,
completely like nothing
really happened.

Now, we know,
things do fall apart.
People do grow apart.
Words do have meanings.
It’s not always their definitions
that stinks; we gotta check the tone.
It has a loud smell too.
And words don’t really break bones,
but their alphabets can be
arranged to break a soul.

During these times,
some will lose interest.
Others will gain a piece
of mind or themselves.
Others will wonder while
they wander for the
rest of their lives.

Some will reach out but
never get adequate feedback.
Some will look out but
only witness no shows.
Some will pretend they
didn’t see or hear.

P.S. This is where personal convenience steps in and makes it all clearer for us.

We know now,
only when it’s
convenient for them,
that’s when your
important and welcomed.
We understand now.
Some are Starred.
Some are Read.
Some are Unread.
Some are Deleted.
without being seen.
Some are Spam.
Some are Trash.
But, neither one of us can
ever go Unsent to each other.
We were Sent to be
In Box until we find an Out Box.
Some only do this because
maybe it has been done to them
by blood or acquaintance.
Or effective communication
has not been taught correctly.
Or maybe one is afraid
good deeds and honest words are
just too great for them.
Maybe some don’t know
their worth or recognize
the importance of yours.
Maybe some rather stayed glued
To their uncertainties while
you bask in your free spirit.  
Maybe some are afraid to
admit their wrongs and think
their right is always right.
So right, that they don’t even
know how to simply respond
or occasionally correspond.


Never let your heart go unsaid.
Danielle C. Robinson :-)


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