PAD Challenge Day 5: Pro Artists

PAD Challenge Day 5: Write a stolen poem.

Pro Artists

Sometimes-at-times it can be
 hard to share your art
Sometimes-at-times it is
easy because all art is our heARTs:
DANCING blues to yellows
WRITING truth to life
POEMING sweet-nothings through bittersweet and sour times
PAINTING still moments for eternity 
SKETCHING dreams to welcome the colors of reality
DRAWING ourselves outside Pandora’s Box
PERFORMING visually for internal peace and freedom
SCULPTING ourselves into the artist that we should be

"For artists, insert page break here"

For some, art is our 
bread, butter, and oxygen;
possibly a generational gift and curse
that we ride and die for,
even when critics are vicious
and often minds are closed,
monies, trophies and certificates 
skip our names
and the people may not 
recognize or feature us
because we are 
uniquely identified already,
and our souls can’t easily be 
CUT down, 
by the sticky fingers
of con artists.


Originality is our reality. -Anon
Art Mural by Fanx


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