PAD Challenge Day 1: F.O.O.L (Falling Out and Over Love)


PAD Challenge Day 1: Write an “F” title poem.

F.O.O.L (Falling Out and Over Love)

Be kind and ask me kindly

how many times have I 

been a fool for love-when it comes

to loving blood and water faithfully

to the last drop?



ask me softly,

so that you can hear my heart speak up louder

over its clumsy tumbles and distilled blood,

worn out on my sleeve, as long as my lifeline.

I can’t answer today

because maybe it’s too early-

the extra beats may kill your softness.


After tomorrow’s tomorrow,

ask me loudly about the patience

I processed from the number of reiterations

of listening sessions where I sat for seconds

until every minute puffed into hours–

just so that I can say I know what it’s like

to be between a group of jokers, lies and deception.


Patiently and kindly,

I’m waiting because

love is still patient and kind, right?

So, ask me before May flowers

bloom without April’s shower.

I’ll answer because I know a little more

about giving than receiving in advance—

just in case this exceed your ideal of love expectations.  


Ask me,


pull me into you,

warm me up enough

so that you can damn near

taste the foolishness in air

that’s been fed coldly.

I’ll hold my breath and tongue

until I’m no longer speak softly

because self-love is stronger

and it owns my tongue right now.

So, ask before I walk away or return

the misconceptions of love

or clown it like how the worlds does today...




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