PAD Challenge Day 11: Women's Empowerment

PAD Challenge Day 11: Write a power poem.

Women's Empowerment

It is recognizing her purpose
and beauty from within.

It is simply tilting her chin
Up to secure her crown
after the weight of the
world weighs her down.

It is a grip of her hand
in yours for the power
of prayer through life's
uncertainties and despair.

It is mentioning her name
in coliseums and at round tables
for her business, too,
to be exponentially stable.

It's the loudest clap
in the crowd,
the tightest hug
when you're really proud,
even through all rainy days
and dark clouds.

It is pushing her
from mediocrity
and pulling her
to excellence security.

It is satisfying her
ears with the gospel,
not supplying her
with gossip.

It is laughing with her,
not at her.

It is leading her to be
a victorious, virtuous woman,
not a Jezebel.

It is being more light to her
than a shade from hell.

It is fostering spaces,
without jeopardizing
or sabotaging hers.

It is true happiness for her success
without being pretentious
and insecure, whether
you are or not at your best.



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