PAD Challenge Day 7: 13 Miles of Abundance Beauty


PAD Challenge Day 7: Write an abundance poem. 


13 Miles of Abundance Beauty

There is only way to tackle

a one-way scenic loop:

accelerate to the highest altitude.


How daring is it?


You can look back,

but you can’t U-turn.

You can’t hide from

the reds, blues, greens,

rusts, beige and blacks.


It’s an obligation to

accept them as they are.

Breathe in between them

because you can’t wrestle them,

pick them up and throw them behind

your head like you do life’s mountains.


You can’t race them either

because the miles per hour to kilometers

is already set low enough for you

to just get a grip,

throw yourself into the depths

of this mesmerizing excursion.


After all,

its formation is one

of God’s greatest gift,

formatted to be admired,

appreciated, and recognized

by your own set of colors too.




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