PAD Challenge Day 19: "What's There Better to Do" and "What's There Not to Like About You"

PAD Challenge Day 19: Two-for-Tuesday: Write a what's there and/or what there is not poem.

What's There Better To Do

After the sun burnout
and turn its back on us,
I love how we prepare
to share the moon--
discreetly for our minds
to intersect their lonesome
thoughts of the day,
and for our hearts to
speak boldy about
how much they
miss beating beside
each other.

Because what's there
better to do than to be
in your genial arms?
Your right hand accompanying mine.
Your skin messenging mine.
Your lips owning mine.
My head in the home
of your shoulder that
has not yet turned cold.

What's There Not to Like About You

I've been searching and searching
Still I can't find anything
Maybe I should revolt this
female bureau investigation
Let go of all of my
insecurities and clearances
because you're clear as air
I pray you remain
if you decide to stay here
In my life
Because I like you like you
Damn near love you
because I've never seen
a diamond heart shaped
like mine in a heart of a man
I pray your words continue
to bond to keep this bond
Your actions sterling, 
lucky as a shooting star.
Your spirit solid gold;
no matter how far
Your love set to unconditional;
seems impossible to replace
Your heart godly and
I'm just another angel proud
to share your wings of grace



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